Speaking of Women in Ministry

I have the privilege of being on the writing team for Missio Alliance. Each month we are given a theme to write on and this month’s theme was Gender: Being Missional & The Reign of God. I decided to write a personal account of the process of changing my mind on this topic. This post appeared earlier this week as two parts, which you can read here…

Changing My Mind On Women In Ministry, Part 1

Changing My Mind On Women In Ministry, Part 2

These posts are not so much about the specifics of why I changed my mind on particular passages in the New Testament, as there have been plenty of blog posts, articles, and books on the subject. These posts have more to do with the difficulties we face in changing from one theological position to another. I’m certain that not all of you will agree with me on this, and some of you will be disappointed, but my aim is not to convince or seek approval. My aim in writing these posts was simply a willingness to keep pressing for unity in the body of Christ even when there is a personal cost to us.

May we continue to express grace to one another in the love of Christ Jesus.

One thought on “Speaking of Women in Ministry

  1. Excellent post. You address a most divisive issue with skill. I agree we must be open to change and our mind. To think we must maintain the same position for our entire life suggests a mindless believer. Being open to change is the pliable, teachable believer. Amazing what we learn once we are open to learn.

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